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State Testing
Visually test state transitions
npm install storybook-state-addon
Last updated 5 months ago
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Storybook Addon State Testing

Visually test state transitions

Development scripts

  • yarn start runs babel in watch mode and starts Storybook
  • yarn build build and package your addon code

Setup in other projects/stories

Install the addon

npm install storybook-state-addon

Register the addon in .storybook/main.js

"addons": [

When you run Storybook, you should see a State Transition panel in the addons panel.

Alt text


In your stories, use parameters to pass a stateMachine array to the addon. The array should contain objects that represent Storybook args (component props) for different states you want to test. You can transition through state manually my clicking the Increment state and Decrement state buttons in the State Transition panel. You can also play all the state transitions automatically by clicking the Play State button which will trigger all state transition automatically from the beginning with a delay (the delay is in milliseconds specified in the input field).

parameters: {
    stateMachine: [
      { label: "State 1" },
      { label: "State 2" },
      { label: "State 3" },


import type { Meta, StoryObj } from "@storybook/react";

import { Button } from "./Button";

// More on how to set up stories at:
const meta: Meta<typeof Button> = {
  title: "Example/Button",
  component: Button,

export default meta;
type Story = StoryObj<typeof Button>;

// More on component templates:
export const Primary: Story = {
  // More on args:
  args: {
    primary: true,
    label: "Button",
  parameters: {
    stateMachine: [
      { label: "State 1" },
      { label: "State 2" },
      { label: "State 3" },
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