Add data attribute in html tag to toggle between dark/light modes.

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Storybook Theme Toggle

This addon can be used to set a data attribute in Storybook's iframe html element triggering a toggle between dark and light mode.

This requires appropriate configuration in your project.

Use case:

You have a React app using next-themes, to manage theming, which adds a data attribute on the html element, which you can use to style your app.

You bundle your css in a single file and load it in storybook.

// .storybook/preview.ts
import './styles.css';

Your bundled css contains dark and light mode styles.

You have something like that in your main css file:

:root {
    --background: white;
    --foreground: black;

[data-color-theme='dark'] {
    --background: black;
    --foreground: white;

:warning: Warning! At the moment this addon only works with data-color-theme attribute name.

This will be configurable in the future.


Requires Storybook 6.1 or later.

Install the module using npm:

npm i -D storybook-theme-toggle

or with yarn:

yarn add -D storybook-theme-toggle

Then, add the following content to .storybook/main.js:

module.exports = {
    addons: ['storybook-theme-toggle'],


Click on the new theme toggle in the toolbar to toggle between dark and light mode.

You may want to create a custom Layout component using your app's canvas styles for better results.