Theme switcher tool addon that changes the theme using CSS custom properties
npm install storybook-theme-css-vars
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Storybook Theme CSS Custom Properties

Storybook theme css vars

This addon can be used to set a data attribute in Storybook's iframe HTML element triggering a toggle between dark and light theme.

Example styles:

:root {
  --white: #fff;
  --black: #000;

:root [data-theme="dark"] {
  --white: #000;
  --black: #fff;


npm i -D storybook-theme-css-vars

Add the addon to .storybook/main.js:

module.exports = {
  addons: ["storybook-theme-css-vars"],

Add parameters options to .storybook/preview.js:

export const parameters = {
  theme: {
    selector: "body (or your selector with data attribute)",
    dataAttr: "data-theme (or your data attribute)",


Click on the new theme toggle in the toolbar to toggle between dark and light mode.