Storybook’s Visual Tests addon enters betaVisual test with Chromatic

Storybook 7.6 - November 2023

  • 🔥 Improved SWC support
  • 🧪 New test utilities and fast build mode
  • 🔼 NextJS SWC + avif support & fixes
  • 🤡 SvelteKit page and navigation mocking
  • ⚛️ React-docgen upgrade
  • 🎨 Controls a11y, background theming, and viewports
  • 🩺 CLI: Diagnose errors with storybook-doctor!
  • 🚫 Addons: Remove React as a peer dependency
  • 🪦 Storyshots and Vue2 deprecated

Lots of little fixes and improvements. Browse the changelogs for the full list of changes.

There are no breaking changes, but you can refer to our Migration guide to upgrade from pre-7.0 of Storybook.

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