Intro to Storybook
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  • Simple component
  • Composite component
  • Data
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  • Deploy
  • Visual Testing
  • Addons
  • Conclusion
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Put all your knowledge together and learn more Storybook techniques

Congratulations! You created your first UI in Storybook. Along the way you learned how to build, compose, test, and deploy UI components. If you’ve been following, your repo and deployed Storybook should look like this:

📕 GitHub repo: chromaui/learnstorybook-code
🌎 Deployed Storybook

Storybook is a powerful tool for React, React Native, Vue, Angular, Svelte and many other frameworks. It has a thriving developer community and a wealth of addons. This introduction scratches the surface of what’s possible. We’re confident that once you adopt Storybook, you’ll be impressed by how productive it is to build durable UIs.

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Who made the Intro to Storybook tutorial?

The text, code, and production were contributed by Chromatic. The tutorial was inspired by Chromatic’s popular GraphQL + React tutorial series.

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