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Get more done by doing less

Developers spend 21% of their time fixing bugs. Tests help reduce the amount of work you have to do by catching defects and speeding up debugging. But every new feature introduces more UI and states that need tests. The only way to stay productive is to implement an intuitive testing workflow.

Start by writing test cases as stories. You can reuse them in testing tools such as Jest, Chromatic and Axe. Studies suggest that reusing code can shave 42-81% off dev time.

During development, test while you code to get a fast feedback loop and catch bugs before hitting production. It's 10x more expensive to fix bugs in production!

PR checks for all types of UI testing: visual, interaction, accessibility, composition and user flows

Finally, use a CI server to run all your checks across the entire UI to prevent accidental regressions. Research-backed studies from Microsoft suggest that you can see a 20.9% reduction in defects with automated testing.

When your tests pass, you’ll have confidence that your UI is bug-free.

I hope condensing these learnings into a pragmatic workflow helps you implement a solid testing strategy of your own. Let this be your starting point.

Sample code for this tutorial

If you've been coding along, your repository and deployed Storybook should look like this:

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