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The Source block is used to render a snippet of source code directly.

Screenshot of Source block

{/* ButtonDocs.mdx */}
import { Meta, Source } from '@storybook/blocks';
import * as ButtonStories from './Button.stories';
<Meta of={ButtonStories} />
<Source of={ButtonStories.Primary} />


import { Source } from '@storybook/blocks';
Configuring with props and parameters

ℹ️ Like most blocks, the Source block is configured with props in MDX. Many of those props derive their default value from a corresponding parameter in the block's namespace,

The following language configurations are equivalent:

// Replace your-framework with the name of your framework
import type { Meta, StoryObj } from '@storybook/your-framework';
import { Button } from './Button';
const meta: Meta<typeof Button> = {
  component: Button,
export default meta;
type Story = StoryObj<typeof Button>;
export const Basic: Story = {
  parameters: {
    docs: {
      source: { language: 'tsx' },
{/* ButtonDocs.mdx */}
<Source of={ButtonStories.Basic} language="tsx" />

The example above applied the parameter at the story level, but it could also be applied at the component (or meta) level or project level.


Type: string


Provides the source code to be rendered.

{/* ButtonDocs.mdx */}
import { Meta, Source } from '@storybook/blocks';
import * as ButtonStories from './Button.stories';
<Meta of={ButtonStories} />
<Source code={`const thisIsCustomSource = true;
if (isSyntaxHighlighted) {
  console.log('syntax highlighting is working');
}`} />


Type: boolean


Determines if the snippet is rendered in dark mode.

Light mode is only supported when the Source block is rendered independently. When rendered as part of a Canvas block—like it is in autodocs—it will always use dark mode.


Type: boolean


Determines if decorators are rendered in the source code snippet.


Type: boolean | 'dedent' | BuiltInParserName

Default: or true

Specifies the formatting used on source code. Both true and 'dedent' have the same effect of removing any extraneous indentation. Supports all valid prettier parser names.



'jsextra' | 'jsx' | 'json' | 'yml' | 'md' | 'bash' | 'css' | 'html' | 'tsx' | 'typescript' | 'graphql'

Default: or 'jsx'

Specifies the language used for syntax highlighting.


Type: Story export

Specifies which story's source is rendered.


Type: (code: string, storyContext: StoryContext) => string


A function to dynamically transform the source before being rendered, based on the original source and any story context necessary. The returned string is displayed as-is. If both code and transform are specified, transform will be ignored.


Type: 'auto' | 'code' | 'dynamic'

Default: or 'auto'

Specifies how the source code is rendered.

  • auto: Same as dynamic, if the story's render function accepts args inputs and dynamic is supported by the framework in use; otherwise same as code
  • code: Renders the value of code prop, otherwise renders static story source
  • dynamic: Renders the story source with dynamically updated arg values

Note that dynamic snippets will only work if the story uses args and the Story block for that story is rendered along with the Source block.