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Parent: main.js|ts configuration

Type: (config: Babel.Config, options: Options) => Babel.Config | Promise<Babel.Config>

babelDefault allows customization of Storybook's Babel setup. It is applied to the preview config before any user presets have been applied, which makes it useful and recommended for addon authors so that the end user's babel setup can override it.

To adjust your Storybook's Babel setup directly—not via an addon—use babel instead.

import { TransformOptions } from '@babel/core';
export function babelDefault(config: TransformOptions) {
  return {
    plugins: [[require.resolve('@babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx'), {}, 'preset']],


The options provided by Babel are only applicable if you've enabled the @storybook/addon-webpack5-compiler-babel addon.


Type: { configType?: 'DEVELOPMENT' | 'PRODUCTION' }

There are other options that are difficult to document here. Please introspect the type definition for more information.