Storybook for Web components & Vite

Storybook for Web components & Vite is a framework that makes it easy to develop and test UI components in isolation for applications using Web components built with Vite.

Storybook for Web components & Vite is only supported in Web components projects.


  • Vite ≥ 4.0
  • Storybook ≥ 8.0

Getting started

In a project without Storybook

Follow the prompts after running this command in your Web components project's root directory:

More on getting started with Storybook.

In a project with Storybook

This framework is designed to work with Storybook 7+. If you’re not already using v7, upgrade with this command:

Automatic migration

When running the upgrade command above, you should get a prompt asking you to migrate to @storybook/web-components-vite, which should handle everything for you. In case that auto-migration does not work for your project, refer to the manual migration below.

Manual migration

First, install the framework:

Then, update your .storybook/main.js|ts to change the framework property:



You can pass an options object for additional configuration if needed:


The available options are:


Type: Record<string, any>

Configure options for the framework's builder. For this framework, available options can be found in the Vite builder docs.

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