Features and behavior

To control the layout of Storybook’s UI you can use the setConfig addons API in your .storybook/manager.js:

The following table details how to use the API values:

NameTypeDescriptionExample Value
isFullscreenBooleanShow story component as full screenfalse
showNavBooleanDisplay panel that shows a list of storiestrue
showPanelBooleanDisplay panel that shows addon configurationstrue
panelPositionString/ObjectWhere to show the addon panelbottom or right
sidebarAnimationsBooleanSidebar tree animationstrue
enableShortcutsBooleanEnable/disable shortcutstrue
isToolshownStringShow/hide tool bartrue
themeObjectStorybook Theme, see next sectionundefined
selectedPanelStringId to select an addon panelmy-panel
initialActiveStringSelect the default active tab on Mobile.sidebar or canvas or addons
showRootsBooleanDisplay the top-level grouping as a "root" in the sidebarfalse