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Storybook Day 2023

Documentation updates

Fix a typo or clarify a section of the docs. This page outlines how to edit the documentation.

Find the Markdown file

Scroll to the bottom of the document in question, then click ✍️ Edit on GitHub – PRs welcome! This will open the Markdown file on GitHub.

Storybook documentation edit

Use GitHub's web editor by clicking the pencil icon on the right-hand corner. Tweak the document to your liking.

GitHub edit documentation

Scroll down to the bottom of the document page on GitHub and describe what you changed and why. Select the Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request option then click the Propose changes button.

Fill the commit information

Create the pull request

In the Storybook repository, create a pull request that describes changes and includes additional context that would help maintainers review. Once you submit the PR, a maintainer will guide you through the triage and merge process.

✍️ Edit on GitHub – PRs welcome!
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