Environment variables

You can use environment variables in Storybook to change its behaviour in different β€œmodes”. If you supply an environment variable prefixed with STORYBOOK_, it will be available in process.env:

Then we can access these environment variables anywhere inside our preview JavaScript code like below:

You can also access these variables in your custom <head>/<body> using the substitution %STORYBOOK_X%, for example: %STORYBOOK_THEME% will become red.

If using the environment variables as attributes or values in JavaScript, you may need to add quotes, as the value will be inserted directly. e.g. <link rel="stylesheet" href="%STORYBOOK_STYLE_URL%" />

You can also pass these environment variables when you are building your Storybook with build-storybook.

Then they'll be hard coded to the static version of your Storybook.